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What is Balayage?

The quest to achieve a truly modern and chic style is endless. Yet, in the world of hair, this quest has been fulfilled by one beauty encompassing technique: Balayage.

The Balayage technique originated in France in the 1970’s, and it has gained popularity throughout the years. The work Balayage means "to sweep" or "in a sweeping motion.” The art of Balayage gives the stylist true freedom in their paste application and is applied directly to the hair. Balayage delivers an end result that looks truly natural, a result that is difficult to create with other hair techniques. The highlights resulting from Balayage appear more natural and the process creates levels of depth and dimension within the hair that were not seen with other applications. Results can range endlessly depending on what is desired by the customer.

Balayage has not grown in popularity because it is the best technique to achieve a natural flowing look that is tailored for all types of hair. Balayage is here to stay and without a doubt  will continue to impose praise within the world of beauty and hair.



Lightening (also called bleaching or decolorizing) is the process of lightening the hair. It can be used to create just a few highlights, lighten selected sections of the hair, or be applied to the whole head. Whether you want to illuminate just a few strands, or go from brunette to blonde, lightening requires expertise and the right products.

Demi-Permanent haircolor, such as Color Sync and Gloss Sync, can enrich natural color, refresh faded haircolor or tone highlighted hair.

Deposit only haircolor, best used to match, deepen or enrich tone of natural hair color. Color is long-lasting (four to six weeks), and leaves little to no line of demarcation.

Permanent Hair Color

Grey Coverage for Men

Lift and deposit hair-color, best used for grey coverage or when altering the natural hair color is desired. Color is long-lasting ( Permanent).




Our Peachtree City hair salon gives men who want hair color to cover gray various options with out the need to formulate or use additives. Want to blend a little gray? In just 10 minutes you can look years younger. Want to blend even more gray? You’re just minutes away from increased coverage and a younger look! Grey coverage  is fast, easy and discrete.