We can achieve your color through Foil Highlights, an All-over Base Color or Balayage.


Our stylists can reach your style goals with precision cuts, razoring, texturizing and any of the latest techniques.


Salon Serenity is a premiere salon, located in Peachtree City, established in 2002. April Clarke and April Walls has always offered the latest trends in styles, color technique and services, we have  become independent stylists and continue to maintain the integrity of our mission. Our common goal is to make our business successful, while having the opportunity to manage our own schedule, clients and income, with the support of each other. Together, we celebrate each other's uniqueness, personal style and individual spirit. We respect and encourage the artistry in us, and are proud to provide a nurturing environment to be creative and empower each other to build and sustain personal relationships with our clients and one another.


If you are searching for a new salon home or continuing your long-term relationship with us , we welcome you to click on a 0ur bio above for the information to contact April Clarke or April Walls, and we look forward to seeing you here soon!